Shopify Laurier

This project represents Shopify's expansion from its original HQ on Elgin Street. The clients continued to centre each floor in the office building on a particular theme. At Laurier, the themes related to different climate zones in Canada and how these could be artfully and practically represented across the floors.

We applied learnings from previous work with Shopify and applied it at Laurier. Duplicating types of rooms, and workspaces that are effective and allow for the greatest productivity for different types of people.

Mimicking curves from the building's exterior, this standalone meeting room is offset from the wall and makes good use of an awkward corner.
Work Wheel

Work Wheel

This private nook is on the backside of the standalone work pod shown above. It's a fully equipped workstation for focused endeavours.

Design Insight - Arctic Climate Zone

The lower floors in this project represent the arctic climate. We used an icy colour palette with some muted colours, white-washed wood, and angled structures reminiscent of ice and rock.

Quick Meet

Quick Meet

This "iceberg" is a standing-only meeting room meant for quick thinking in short meetings.

Project Facts

Project completion
Total sqft of the space occupied by Shopify in this building, over 10 floors
Year the building was built, the rounded corners are a great example of that era's style.
Sqft of cork flooring used. The equivalent of 1.5 football fields!
Each of the floor numbers were represented uniquely. Here a patchwork "4" features custom fabrics used on this floor.
A small meeting room inspired by the countryside in Ontario. Tapestries and upholstery serve acoustic purposes.
Temperate Climate

Temperate Climate

This zone is characterized by cedar, charred and natural plus plenty of greenery. Like in a forest, there are also plenty of opportunities to peek through into different areas.

Local Artists

Local Artists

We worked with an artist from Prince Edward County to design custom prints for upholstery and wallpaper.

Inspired by the East Coast; its seaside towns and two-toned coloured "houses".
Meeting In The Round

Meeting In The Round

Auditorium-style seating for presentations and town hall-type gatherings.


Project Manager: The Lake Partnership & Cresa Ottawa PM inc.

Construction Manager: The Lake Partnership

Builder: The Lake Partnership

Millworker: KSL Construction Services, Marfoglia Construction

Artists: Sarah Delayney, Kate Golding

Photographers: Krista Jahnke, Kevin Bela, Alexandra Barlow