Shopify Montréal

The topography of Shopify Montreal mirrors the city that surrounds it. A frequent theme is to allow users discover tucked away spaces and happy surprises.

Common spaces are designed to invite creative adaptation, allowing users to host meetings, hear lectures or work independently all in the same space.

Phone Booths

Phone Booths

Not just for phone calls but for focused work too. Phone booths are interesting spaces with good acoustics, comfortable seating and functional desks.

“I think one of the most important things we are doing is creating environments to work in which are simply surprising. This is the most important thing—they shouldn’t look like where you expect to work. I think what that does makes you want to do your environment justice.”
Tobi Lütke - Shopify Founder and CEO
Hallway art is by Emilie Gignac. One of the many artists whose work is showcased throughout the office.


Located on every floor, the kitchenettes are fully equipped fueling stations

Areas for spontaneous ideation & collaboration

Design Insights - "The Worm"

It's no secret: coffee brings people together. The "Worm" is a metal tunnel-like structure that acts as a gathering place and holds all of the essentials for an amazing coffee experience.

Project Fun Facts

Project completion years
Total Square Footage
200 000
Amount of square feet of drywall used here; that’s more than 4 football fields!
The reclaimed brick dates back to that era - that's not super old for brick but much older than the vast majority of Shopifolk!
The reception area is screened by a locally made slatted wood wall.


Project manager: The Lake Partnership

Construction manager: Marfoglia Construction

Builder: Marfoglia Construction

Millworker: Marfoglia Construction

Artists: murals by Melissa Del Pinto, Emilie Gignac, MC Baldassari

Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois