The Opinicon
Chaffeys Lock

The iconic Opinicon Resort was a renovation project on a massive scale. It included an overhaul of the main lodge, 15 cabins and the ice cream shop. The site features 13 acres occupied by 30 different buildings. 

What was once a fishing lodge and known as the "Great Dame" of the Rideau Canal, was transformed into a resort for vacationing families. The first phase of construction at the Opinicon Resort was completed in the summer of 2015.

Design Insight - Revamped

The main lodge was completely redesigned to include a full-scale banquet kitchen capable of simultaneously servicing the new pub, two outdoor patios, the existing restaurant, and various events in the rentable space on the second level.

Old World Charm

Old World Charm

The original dining room was remodeled while maintaining its original charm and character.

A causal pub where cottagers and other guests can gather and celebrate.

A New Watering Hole

A pub was added onto the resort to cater to the cottagers and boaters along the Rideau Canal waterways. It is furnished with custom designed banquets and bar that are reminiscent of an old English aesthetic.

Custom upholstered banquets hold acoustic properties that help temper sound in a noizy pub.
"The team has vision, loads of talent, a deep understanding of the fundamentals and a keen desire to deliver outstanding projects."
Peter McFarland - General Manager
Tiki Room

Tiki Room

The sunken lounge next to the Tiki Bar views out to the Opinicon Lake. Guests can socialize and play games in this space that features works by local artists.

The bamboo reeds that line the new bar were upcycled from the resort's original Tiki room
The Alfred room - a beautiful private event space

Design Insight - Ice Cream Shop

The 1950's style ice cream shop is well loved by generations of locals. Iconic elements from the original shop were restored in the renovation - including the mint-green walls, the prized taxidermy fish, the water skis and the bar stools.

The pool off of the main lodge is level with the Opinicon Lake, making it a seamless view of the water.

Project Facts

Cabins total - including 15 original ones and 2 that are newly built
Acres of land
Tubs of ice cream served in one summer
Is when the Opinicon first opened


All 15 of the existing cabins were retrofitted to allow for comfortable stays for overnight guests.

A reading nook in a completely renovated cabin.
Authenticity to the aesthetic of 1960's design protects the cabin's original charm.


Families and visitors have vacationed at the Opinicon Resort for generations. The Resort is a treasured place for many.

"Linebox has been able to harmonize the historic core of the century-old resort and restaurant with modern necessities in a manner that respects the past, yet provides space for building a strong future in the community".
Peter McFarland - General Manager


Photographer: Union Eleven

Construction: DW Martin