Zibi - Albert Island

The Zibi Master Plan centres around the development of a “vibrant and creative neighbourhood inspired by the past and aspiring to the future”.

Block 210B has already undergone multiple changes. Its roots are planted in an industrial past. It’s served as a storied event venue. And now it’s emerging as an office space with a retail underpinning.

Potential oozes from the Albert Courtyard. It is destined to foster a rich, creative environment where social connections can grow naturally. The result promises to lead to prized leasing spaces.

“This is a world-class piece of property, it is literally where Canada’s three founding nations met”
Jeff Westeinde - President of Zibi Canada
Good Bones

Good Bones

The industrial buildings at Zibi give us plenty to work with and provide character that can't be created.

Design Insight - Scale & Context

In architecture, scale creates presence and comfort. Block 210A’s positioning in the adjacent lot offers both while aiding in framing a welcoming plaza.

The building to the North teams up with 210B to create a courtyard that offers the perfect confluence of heritage and future gatherings.
Coloured glass and outdoor patio spaces in tandem with tenant entrances conveys a change of environment