The heritage building where Giulia is currently sited was previously a gelato shop.

The approach to Giulia’s interior was to match the chef’s vision for the food in terms of its simplicity, freshness and authenticity. The design celebrates the building’s history and heritage while incorporating new foundational elements that modernize the space and make it comfortable.

Design Insight - Custom Pizza Oven

The key to the distinctive charred crust is a specialty pizza oven. Giulia’s pizza oven is also central to the restaurant’s design and on full display to patrons from the open kitchen at the back of the space.

Project Fun Facts

That's the year this building was built! Originally it was a a pharmacy
That's how hot the authentic italian pizza oven gets
90-120 seconds
How long is takes to get a perfectly charred pizza
The pizza oven weighs 2500 lbs: that's 2.5 times heavier than the original 1962 automobile that gives the restaurant it's name.
The Reveal

The Reveal

Much of the space’s distinctive characteristics were uncovered in the construction process including the north-facing, arched window and tin ceiling tiles.

Custom Bar

Custom Bar

The solid oak custom bar is detailed to evoke a mid-century feel with smooth, rounded corners and simple lines.

Design Insight - Vintage Finds

The light sconces, bar stools, the long bench seating and host station butcher block were all vintage finds from all over Ontario. The eclectic mix of interior design details add depth and character to the overall design.

Extra Seating

Extra Seating

There’s a large and lively outdoor patio alongside the restaurant that doubles the number of tables the restaurant serves indoors.


Photographer: Linebox Studio

Custom signage: Caleb Rempel