Mountain Side Hotel
Mont Ste-Marie

For a quarter of a century, Mont Sainte-Marie has been without a hotel. When one last stood open, it employed hundreds and welcomed returning guests to a place they felt was somewhat their own.

As the architects lucky enough to be charged with creating a beautiful new hotel whose interests serve visitors and the community equally, designing a structure that fits in with the vernacular of the region is our mandate.

Design Insight - Positioning

Slopes are why people come to Mont Ste-Marie. And the hotel echos the inclines that surround it. The main volume curves and opens views toward the ski slope and the lake beside it.

Located at the base of the Dustin Cook ski run.
Rather than stand in rigid opposition to the undulating landscape, the hotel matches its lines and draws itself into its beautiful environs.

Design Insight - Dynamic Roof

Six stories host 80 rooms, a lounge, restaurant, bar, lobby and spa facilities. The metal roof envelopes the top four levels, housing the suites. Slope-side, the roof opens as an enormous canopy sheltering the second-floor outdoor patio. 

Developed by Swiss and opening its doors in summer of 1977, the West Village of Mont Ste-Marie was groundbreaking for its time. Not only taking advantage of phenomenal skiing conditions for this part of the country, the development also included cutting edge conference facilities, a ski lodge, a hotel, and a series of condos. A winter (and summer) wonderland all within an hour of Gatineau and Ottawa.


Developer: Activar Hotels