The Slayte

Built in 1970, this 11 story, post-modernist building in downtown Ottawa had been sitting vacant for years. Our developer client, CLV Group, had the vision to convert the office building to a residential complex.

This gem boasts iconic precast concrete panels that give the exterior "skin" a unique character. It also has spectacular rooftop views and a hidden courtyard.

Design Insight - The Big Repurposing

Name a more sustainable gesture than converting an empty, existing building into something useful - we'll wait. This massive undertaking provides much-needed housing units while also bringing life back to downtown.

A portion of the second floor was demolished to make room for an expansive and airy lobby lounge.
The multi-pupose rooftop terrace includes fire pits, a hot tub and pergola for outdoor entertaining.
“It's great to be working with Linebox and other talented consultants on this development! Vision, creativity, teamwork, solutions, diligence and execution...a successful recipe!”
Oz Drewniak - President at CLV Group Development Inc.

Design Insight - Exterior "Skin"

To update the appearance of the exterior "skin", 96 of the 480 precast concrete panels were replaced with metal versions.

Project Facts

That's the number of precast panels that are being replaced or removed, out of the 480 existing panels.
This building is commonly known as the Trebla building. Can you figure out what it stand for? Try backwards!
The number of residential units added to the downtown core as part of this development.

Albert Street Renewal Project

The project is inscribed in the Albert Street renewal project undertaken by the City of Ottawa. It aims to make walking, cycling, and transit use more comfortable and convenient by redistributing and improving the streetscape environment.


Construction Manager: Bassi Construction LP