Ste Marie Hills
Mont Sainte-Marie

It’s no surprise Mont Ste Marie is a popular day trip destination for Ottawa locals. All four seasons usher in fun and beautiful scenery. Downhill and cross-country skiing in the winter. And a mecca for mountain biking, golf, tennis, and hiking.

If you aren’t one of the fortunate ones with a chalet in the area, though, you’re out of luck. There is nowhere else to stay.

The residential project begins to solve the issue offering 15 units. A facility couldn’t want for much more in terms of location. Ski-in, ski-out. Bike-in-bike-out. To top it off, a rooftop bar and spa overlook the slopes.

Design Insight - 1960's Motor Inn

The design borrows inspiration from the modernist movement most notable on the west coast of the US. The Hills puts a Canadian spin on the roadside motor inn influence.

Spacious interiors with durable materials made for active lifestyles.
Natural materials like wood and stone pay homage to the natural elements outside.

The Rooms

The Scandinavian design aesthetic of the rooms fits well with the robust Canadian climate and leaves plenary of space for bikes, skis and other gear.

Work nooks tucked into the rooms for productive remote work.

Eco-Friendly CLT - Cross-Laminated Timber

Eco-friendly building was an important quotient in the design. Cross-laminated timber is an method that offers good thermal insulation from a renewable source. The prefabrication is efficient and lighter than most other construction materials. CLT construction was developed in Germany in the 1990s and has been used all over Europe since then. It’s only just beginning to be used in Canada and is sure to become much more common in the years to come.

"“We don’t want what I call ‘Disneyland’ ski resort, where you end up with a fake feel. The building needs to have its own expression grounded in an overall respect for the hill”
Andrew Reeves - Partner, Architect


Developer: Damour Developments

Consultant: Caber