The River House

The clients had purchased the lot a few years before they first approached LB about their project. A property perched on steep banks of the beautiful Ottawa River plays host to the home.

As so many people are, they were seeking a second home as a refuge – somewhere to truly relax, disconnect from work and reconnect with nature.

Contemporary With A Twist

Contemporary With A Twist

The turns of the spiral staircase soften the exterior lines of the home and echo the meandering of the storied river below.

Design Insight - Canopy

Steel posts support the home and increase its footprint by a canoe-length. At the same time, it raised the one storey home to the vantage point of a second storey.

Under the canopy there is storage for kayaks and canoes
Aging Naturally

Aging Naturally

The exterior cedar is locally sourced and rough cut, promoting a more evenly-greying appearance over time. The years will foster more and more uniformity between house and environment.

Wood, Brick, Glass and Metal

Wood, Brick, Glass and Metal

There is a constant theatre at work. The natural elements of the wood and brick complement the environment while the glass and metal reflect it.

Panoramic views of the Ottawa River

Design Insight - Light Well

A bright and light-filled home. That was the client’s request. LB had a unique light well fabricated from tempered glass. Placed on the floor of the second level, it allows abundant light to tumble into the home.

A glass walkway on the upper floor lets light down below and makes for a fun experience


Metropolis Studio and Ashley Fraser