Northwestern CLT House

What a privilege!

When you meet new clients who are committed to sustainability and challenge you to re-evaluate everything, spectacular things are bound to happen.

This is how this home came to be the first residential project in the city designed and built using Cross Laminated Timber.

Currently under construction. Completion expected in summer 2023.

What Is CLT Anyway?

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an engineered wood product that can be used as a structural element as an alternative to concrete. It provides amazing carbon capture, is made from a renewable resource and offers incredible thermal and esthetic advantages.

Pre-fab CLT panels are available in a variety of finishes.
Portions of CLT are left exposed in contrast with other finishes.

Environmental Protection

Massive healthy trees, including 2 Bur Oaks and 1 Sugar Maple were present on the site. Avoiding harming them in any way was the main objective here. This drove the design of the cantilevers in the rear and set the limits of the front volume. Their beauty can only enhance the experience of the site.

Design Insight - 100 years challenge

A minimal environmental footprint was the key driver for every decision that was made during the project. Every input needed to last 100 years in order to be included in the project.


Builder: Sanchez Homes

Building Science Engineer: Bautechnik

Structural engineer: Moses Structural Engineering

CTL Installer: MCH Construction